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We are committed to truth.

GKA Investigations Group offers a thorough, truly impartial investigation service built on decades of experience and knowledge. Working thoroughly, lawfully and professionally, we are committed to uncovering the facts and establishing the truth.

The Cost of Arson

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates arson costs our country some 2.3 billion dollars each year in property, medical and response costs. The results of an arson attack can be devastating, causing massive disruption and enormous unwarranted expense. It is essential that we do everything possible to minimise this waste of property, resources and all too frequently human life. As professional fire investigators we will continue to play an important role.

Latest News

Another photography award for Mark Pellegrino!

Once again Mark Pellegrino has demonstrated his skill with the camera. In 2017 he won Second Place in the Arson category of The International Association of Arson Investigators Annual Photography Competition. This time he went one better and took out First Place in the same category.

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Latest NEWS28 November 2018


We get the facts about how the fire started. Our experts clearly identify evidence, carefully establish any potential insurance company liabilities and advise on any potential actions against the client.


We play a critical role in recovering the high costs of fire. By establishing the precise cause of fire we allow the insurer or client to seek recovery from a third party. We also provide expert evidence to facilitate this recovery.


As experts in uncovering fraud, we establish if the fire was deliberately started and whether there is a prima facie case of arson. Additionally we investigate any potential equipment, installation or maintenance failures.

Contractual Breach

We thoroughly examine all areas where insurance contracts may have been breached. We explore whether all pertinent facts have been provided to the insurer or whether there are any elements of material non-disclosure.

Working With

Insurance Companies

We are acknowledged Australia-wide as experts in fire origin and cause determination, having conducted thousands of factual and forensic examinations since 1997. We regularly work with major insurers, including IAG, Suncorp, Westpac, QBE, Zurich and Youi, providing actionable reports that inform their decision making processes.

Law Firms

GKA Investigations Group currently works with some of the largest insurance specialist law firms in Australia. We have been appointed to examine fire scenes and review evidence on behalf of the Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Coroner, criminal prosecution and defence lawyers and barristers.

Loss & Liability Adjustors

There can be many factors which contribute to cause, spread and damage of a fire. Our investigations enable loss and liability adjustors to understand each of these contributing factors in order to appropriately assess claims. We work with many of Australia's leading loss and liability adjustors, providing clear, accurate reporting tailored to their information requirements.