The team

Greg Kelly

CEO & Chief Fire Examiner / Investigator

Greg Kelly is one of Australia's most experienced and respected Forensic Examiners. A specialist in the area of fire origin and cause determination, Greg has examined more than 3000 fires during his career.

Greg began his career as an electrical engineer before he joined the NSW Police in 1981, and became a qualified police Crime Scene Examiner/Detective and Criminal Intelligence Analyst. Greg went on to be head of fire investigation at the NRMA, before establishing GKA Investigations in 1997.

A leading authority on fire investigation, Greg has been accepted as a court qualified expert at all court levels across Australia. Greg has lectured at the NSW Police Arson Course, the Canberra Institute of Technology's Forensic Science Course, as well at a range of other insurance and industry body events. Greg regularly writes for Electrical Connection Magazine and is also one of the developers of the Certificate in Fire Investigation, now taught at Charles Sturt University.

During his career Greg has continued to develop his skill base, completing a large number of specialist courses, gaining numerous tertiary qualifications and holding a wide range of professional credentials. These include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Associate Diploma in Community Studies (Police & Corrections)
  • Credit Grade Trade Certificate in Electrical Fitting and Mechanics
  • Certificates in Police Draftsmanship and Intermediate Representation Techniques
  • Forensic Qualifications in Blood Splash Pattern Interpretation
  • NSW Police Crime Scene Examiners' Course
  • NSW Police Advanced Crime Scene Examiners' Course
  • NSW Police Arson Course
  • Tasmania Police Arson Course
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • Member of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)
  • Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia in the Electrical Division

Greg continues to conduct scene examinations himself and has an unwavering passion for establishing the truth. Greg enjoys working with a team of other leading experts and mentoring the next generation of Forensic Examiners.


Bob King

National Investigations Manager

Bob King is one of Australia's foremost authorities on insurance investigation, with over four decades of experience. Bob began his career within the NSW Police Force, spending seven years within the scientific section and six years as a Detective of the arson squad. In 1986 he ventured out on his own, becoming the principal of Thomas King & Associates. Bob successfully operated this company for almost 30 years before merging with GKA Investigations Group in 2015. Bob is renowned for his abilities in investigating difficult, complex cases and has led hundreds of investigations across Australia and internationally.

Bob has an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry and holds an Advanced Certificate in Insurance Underwriting. Throughout his career he also completed a large number of technical courses, including the NSW Police Arson Awareness Course, the NSW Police Crime Scene Examination Courses 1 & 2, the AFP's Intelligence Analyst Training Course and the Australian Army's Improvised Explosives Course.

Bob is a current holder of a NSW security industry Master Security License and Private Inquiry Agent's Licenses in both NSW and Queensland. Bob is highly respected throughout the industry and maintains a wide range of professional affiliations. He is a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Insurance and Finance Institute and an affiliate of the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters. Bob is also a member of the International Association of Arson Investigators, as well the NSW Association of Fire Investigators and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

Bob takes great satisfaction in being able to use his skills to uncover the facts of a case and reveal the true cause of a fire. In his role with GKA Investigations he is also excited to be able to pass on his knowledge to a team of enthusiastic younger professionals.


Mark Pellegrino

Forensic Fire Examiner 

Keenly perceptive and highly analytical, Mark is naturally suited to his role as a Forensic Fire Examiner. Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensic Investigation and offers a wealth of experience, particularly in motor vehicle and commercial and residential building fires. 

Mark enjoys the problem solving challenges of investigation and works in a detailed, thorough manner to ascertain the true cause of each fire. He loves being able to bring clarity and certainty to chaotic situations through the application of his knowledge and rigorous scientific method.

Mark is organised, ordered and meticulous in his approach. He communicates with clarity and constantly seeks to build upon his existing knowledge. Mark is also highly multi-talented and outside of work enjoys engaging in his passion for residential building and design. 


Radka Duncan

Forensic Fire Examiner 

Radka Duncan joined GKA Investigations in 2012 and has established herself as a leading professional, with outstanding expertise and a highly dedicated approach. Radka holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science (forensic). She has also had previous experience as a laboratory assistant and in the confronting role of a forensic crime scene cleaner. 

Radka's success stems from her acute attention to detail, her strong analytical skills and her ability to perform her duties meticulously in the most demanding situations. Radka enjoys the challenge offered by forensic fire investigation and loves being able to help ascertain the facts, so affected parties can gain closure before the recovery process begins. 

Radka understands the importance of quality customer service and communicating clearly with all stakeholders. She is an eager learner who continually works to advance her knowledge and skills. When away from work Radka loves relaxing with her family and pets, as well as taking time out to travel.


Nick Sutarov

Forensic Fire Examiner 

An accomplished forensic examiner, Nick combines wide ranging knowledge with an advanced technical aptitude. Nick has a Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science), is an expert in digital forensic photography and has considerable experience in laboratory analytical techniques such as, HPLC, GC-MS, MS and AAS. Nick undertakes fire investigations in a careful, considered manner and has an excellent understanding of how different elements can affect fire behaviour.  

Having worked in the insurance industry for four years, Nick understands the requirements of different stakeholders and brings a calm, organised and efficient approach to any situation. He is a strong communicator and is always committed to providing a high level of customer service. 

Nick enjoys the diversity of his role and the ability to continuously learn and develop new skills. Outside of work, Nick enjoys playing sport, travelling and photography.


Alexander Visotin

Forensic Fire Examiner

Superbly suited to his role as a Forensic Fire Examiner, Alexander is inquisitive, methodical and sharply analytical. Alexander gained his undergraduate degree in Forensic Science from the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2011 and was commended for his original research work, which analysed accelerant detection methods and was conducted in conjunction with Fire & Rescue NSW. Alexander then went on to study Honours in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Canberra. Here he researched the fire debris analysis process and evaluated a portable instrument for presumptive testing.

Alexander undertakes each fire investigation with the highest degree of scientific rigour, processing the scene methodically, paying attention to every detail and following accepted methodologies. He finds great reward in being able to uncover evidence which proves the ignition source of a fire and whether it was accidental or deliberately lit.

A pivotal part of fire scene investigation is understanding how things work and finding out why they fail. Alexander passionately pursues this knowledge. At work he enjoys undertaking tests in the laboratory, while at home is an avid tinkerer, who enjoys disassembling electronic devices to discover how they operate.


Peter Jeffrey

Forensic Fire Examiner

Peter is a highly credentialed Forensic Fire Examiner who also has a Police background. His determination, methodical approach and inquisitive mind are ideally suited to forensic fire investigation.

Peter completed his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at UWA in 2011 and joined the Western Australia Police the following year, completing his Diploma of Public Safety (Policing) in 2014 as the Dux of his course. As a Police Officer he examined crime scenes and conducted initial investigations, gaining a thorough understanding of the collection and analysis of evidence. He found he particularly enjoyed the problem-solving nature of crime scene investigation, piecing together the necessary information to understand exactly what had occurred.

He left the Police in late 2015, moved east and joined GKA Investigations at the beginning of 2016. As well as utilising his skills in the field, Peter 's chemistry background means he is used to operating a variety of analytical instruments and often works in the laboratory.

Peter continues to build his impressive academic resume. He completed the Basic Fire Debris Analysis course from the University of Central Florida NCFS and will shortly complete the Master of Science (Forensic Science) degree he has been enrolled in at UTS since 2016.

In his leisure time he continues his studies, teaches Karate (he himself is a black belt), and relaxes by reading novels. He'll also admit to spending a bit of time solving puzzles of all types.