Case histories

Hyundai Mobis Warehouse, Sydney 2015

The hailstorm that had swept through Sydney in April had caused so much damage to the brand new 30,000 square metre Eastern Creek storage facility that the roof collapsed. Demolition was in progress when a major fire broke out that caused further extensive damage. GKA Investigations were called in to determine the cause of the fire and to assess the insurance ramifications. The investigation is ongoing.


Quakers Hill Nursing Home, Sydney 2011 

Fourteen people died when the Quakers Hill Nursing Home was set on fire by drug dependent nurse Roger Dean, who was attempting to cover up his theft of prescription drugs. GKA provided the forensic evidence used in court where Dean pleaded guilty and received a life sentence.

Watch video: Greg Kelly discusses the circumstances of the Quakers Hill fire at the May 2016 FPAA Conference.


Moore Park Superstore, Sydney 2011

With construction and trading in progress at the same time, this major fire caused the evacuation of the site and subsequent $10 million in direct and indirect damage. GKA were trusted to verify the cause and ensure compensation payments were made.

Watch video: Greg Kelly talks the Moore Park Super Centre fire at the May 2016 FPAA Conference.


Diamant Hotel, Canberra June 2011

GKA were called in to determine the cause of a fire which destroyed a large part of this heritage-listed hotel in Canberra, causing over $ 10 million worth of damage. The company's investigation pinpointed the cause to allow a successful insurance claim settlement.


Pittwater Marina, Sydney  2009

Over $5 million worth of damage was caused when an explosion on one cruiser spread to seven other vessels. GKA were called in to investigate and established the cause to allow the insurance companies to settle the claims.


Myer Hobart, September 2007

A devastating $50 million blaze destroyed Myer's historic store in the centre of Hobart and GKA were called in to examine the scene and review the Fire Service response. Their findings were extensively used in the subsequent court proceedings.

Watch video: Greg Kelly recalls the Myer fire at the May 2016 FPAA Conference.