Fire Debris Analysis

GKA Analytical Services provide fire debris analysis services using gas chromatography and mass spectral detection to enable a quick determination of the likely cause of a fire

Our in house specialised laboratory analyses sample material taken from fire examination sites in a safe, controlled environment.

We utilise gas chromatography and mass spectral detection to identify the various substances within test samples and determine the presence of ignitable liquids or other suspicious materials. We are able to determine the presence of most hydrocarbon ignitable liquids, often months after the fire took place.

In addition to Ignitable Liquid Analysis, we also conduct Vehicle Fluid Analysis, Animal and Vegetable Oil and Fat Analysis and examine various items of Physical Evidence. Our test reports allow fire investigators to make informed determinations on the cause and origin of fires.

Skilled Technicians

All our laboratory operatives are Science graduates who have been trained specifically in fire debris analysis and in forensic processes. This allows our clients to have complete confidence in our analytical results. All of our analysts are also trained to professionally present their results in court.

NATA Accredited

The National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) is the authority that provides independent assurance of a laboratory's technical competence.

NATA accreditation provides a means of determining and formally recognising the competence of a facility to perform specific types of testing. A regular NATA assessment checks all aspects of a facility's operations related to consistently producing accurate and dependable data.

To maintain accreditation, facilities must be reassessed regularly. GKA Analytical Services is accredited to AS/ISO/IEC 17025 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and follows internationally-accepted forensic standards when carrying out tests. Our scope of accreditation may be viewed on the NATA website.

Quick Turnaround

Our standard service allows for samples submitted to be tested and results delivered within 5 working days. A simple, easy to understand test report is provided by email. In exceptional circumstances, the laboratory can offer a premium express service.

Chain of Custody

We recognise that samples submitted may constitute evidence so a strict process of handling is stringently followed. Our sample integrity standards, our chain of custody procedures, and our capability to present court testimony have been independently vetted and approved by experts in the field of forensic science. Samples are retained according to judicial standards in a secure, controlled environment.

Ongoing Research

GKA Analytical Services conducts ongoing research into fire debris related topics to assist our examiners in the field and to contribute to the knowledge base of fire investigation as a forensic discipline. We regularly publish papers in professional journals and post technical bulletins on our own website. If you would like to participate in research with us, please view our current list of research topics.

To enquire about utilising our laboratory services, please Contact Us to discuss your analysis requirements.

If you have already discussed your analysis needs with us and are ready to submit a sample, please complete our Exhibit Transmittal Form.