Law firms

GKA Investigations Group currently works with some of the largest insurance specialist law firms in Australia.

We regularly provide expert opinion and reports on fire origin determination for insurance law cases. We also review other expert opinion reports and provide a second opinion.

Our impartial and thorough factual and forensic investigation services have also been used by criminal defence lawyers and barristers, playing a vital role in assault cases, murder investigations and criminal prosecutions across Australia.

"Greg's reports, both the factual investigation reports and the expert cause and origin reports, provide the complete picture of the facts and issues, and assist us to provide our clients with the advice they need, and the evidence that we require".

Peter Bennett , Special Counsel
Holman Webb Lawyers

"I have worked with Greg Kelly for over 10 years. It is always a comfort when I am instructed in a matter to know that either Greg has already been retained or that I have the opportunity to do so. His work is always thorough and his investigations leave no stone unturned. In a legal environment increasing in complexity and reliance upon experts, it is comforting to have a highly regarded expert like Greg available to me".

John Van de Poll, Partner
Holman Webb Lawyers