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What is involved in a forensic investigation?

Forensic investigations involve the examination of physical evidence at scenes of events such as fire and explosion scenes, safe-breaking and burglary. The evidence we collect is recorded in a professional and methodical manner which ensures our findings are reliable and can be presented in a court of law.

What is involved in a factual investigation?

Factual investigations are intended to ascertain the facts - whether it's an insurance claim, commercial issue or employment situation - and usually involves interviews and various streams of research.

Signed statements or records of interview are obtained from witnesses, supervisors and other people, recording their version of the event in question. Documentary evidence, including contracts, receipts, warranties, operational manuals and business records are collated and analysed to further assess the event.

In the case of accidents, the scene is appraised and photographed.

All evidence collected by GKA Investigations Group is combined into a detailed report on the event, which is supported by statements, photographs and relevant documents, which is provided to the client.

Our insurance and corporate clients then use this report to make an initial determination and to brief solicitors on the circumstances surrounding the matter.

Why choose GKA Investigations Group for factual investigations?

While anyone can verify information, only GKA Investigations Group can offer the depth of expertise and expert opinion to deliver a thorough factual investigation. Since 1997, our experience and knowledge in the areas of insurance investigation and criminal law have enabled us to conclusively report details that have lead to the identification of fraud, legitimate claims and details surrounding liability accusations.

What does a fire investigator look for?

A good investigator will want to get information both factual and forensic that allows the following questions to be answered:

What was the cause of the fire?
Is there a potential liability?
Was the fire deliberately started?
Did equipment malfunction or was it incorrectly installed?
Was negligence to blame?
Is there an avenue for cost recovery?
Have there been any contractual breaches?