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Alexander Visotin

Forensic Fire Examiner

Superbly suited to his role as a Forensic Fire Examiner, Alexander is inquisitive, methodical and sharply analytical. Alexander gained his undergraduate degree in Forensic Science from the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2011 and was commended for his original research work, which analysed accelerant detection methods and was conducted in conjunction with Fire & Rescue NSW. Alexander then went on to study Honours in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Canberra. Here he researched the fire debris analysis process and evaluated a portable instrument for presumptive testing.

Alexander undertakes each fire investigation with the highest degree of scientific rigour, processing the scene methodically, paying attention to every detail and following accepted methodologies. He finds great reward in being able to uncover evidence which proves the ignition source of a fire and whether it was accidental or deliberately lit.

A pivotal part of fire scene investigation is understanding how things work and finding out why they fail. Alexander passionately pursues this knowledge. At work he enjoys undertaking tests in the laboratory, while at home is an avid tinkerer, who enjoys disassembling electronic devices to discover how they operate.