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Cris Garvin

Factual Investigator

Cris has a track record of uncovering insurance fraud and has identi ed fraud rings and associations that have resulted in criminal prosecutions. Her fraud expertise is such that it has been packaged into a training module and used at a major insurance company.

Cris regularly conducts investigations into general insurance claims which include  re/arson, theft, burglaries, stolen motor vehicles, marine, public liability, recoveries, as well as workplace incidents such as sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation.

She is adept at conducting lengthy interviews, scene examinations, canvassing witnesses as well as gathering evidence and preparing complex reports. She understands how to balance the requirements of a detailed cost-effective investigation.

A detailed working knowledge of the General Insurance Code of Practice,the Insurance Contracts Act and the ethical requirements of the Insurance Industry are also prerequisites for the role.

Cris enjoys spending time at the beach and does some surfng. She is also an enthusiastic kick boxer. She has 3 dogs that also help to keep her active.