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Mark Pellegrino

Senior Forensic Fire Examiner

Keenly perceptive and highly analytical, Mark is naturally suited to his role as a Forensic Fire Examiner. Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensic Investigation from Canberra Institute of Technology and the Basic Fire Debris Analysis qualification from University of Central Florida. He provides a wealth of experience, particularly in motor vehicle and commercial and residential building fires.

Mark enjoys the problem solving challenges of investigation and works in a detailed, thorough manner to ascertain the true cause of each fire. He loves being able to bring clarity and certainty to chaotic situations through the application of his knowledge and rigorous scientific method.

Mark is organised, ordered and meticulous in his approach. He communicates with clarity and constantly seeks to build upon his existing knowledge. Mark is also highly multi-talented and outside of work enjoys engaging in his passion for residential building and design.