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Aqualens - Polyaire commercial complex at Seven Hills Novermber 2018

Sep 2019

On a warm spring afternoon in November 2018, a large fire broke out at a Polyaire commercial complex at Seven Hills in western Sydney. Moving quickly, the fire destroyed two large warehouses, an area of over 5000 square meters, and caused between $30-50 million worth of damage.

Security camera footage showed the fire originating from near some pallets stored in the outdoor yard that contained polyethylene Y-fittings for ducted air-conditioning. The fire appeared to develop from the stack top of the pallets though there was no sign of human activity other than a truck parked nearby. There was no evidence of an ignition source; interestingly though, there were signs of water on top of the transparent wrapping.

For full details of the Polyaire fire investigation please download the PDF below: