National Fire Investigation

When you call us we swing into action immediately. Wherever the fire has occurred, we will quickly get our investigators to the scene. Our Major Fire Investigation Team comprises some of Australia's most highly qualified and experienced investigators.

Our rapid response service allows crucial evidence to be gathered and the cause of the fire to be determined. We can field a number of investigators to ensure we get the information quickly before sites are contaminated and to maximise both the availabilty and memory of witnesses. Rapidly and professionally, the insurance ramifications in the areas of liability, recovery, fraud and contractual breach can then be assessed.

We launched the service in 2013 to provide our key clients with a consistent, streamlined service that followed best practice protocols. Our advanced techniques are defined by best practice standards taught in universities and practiced by other leading crime scene examiners throughout the world.

A rigorous approach

During investigations we deliver a well-defined engagement process for dealing with authorities and other involved parties, including witnesses, staff and emergency services personnel. Excellent people skills and clear processes allow our investigators to determine the truth whilst building better client relations and enhancing our clients market reputation.

We cover all the bases

Our complete approach to investigation covers both factual and forensic sides and links them in a cohesive manner. We have an in-depth understanding of legislative, regulatory and industry compliance standards and conduct all our investigations in accordance with them. Through identifying fraud, non-disclosure or contract breaches we minimise client losses and provide major financial benefits to the insurer or property owner. Our specialist skills in identifying, collecting and interpreting evidence also maximises opportunities for financial recovery.

Aligned to your requirements

We understand the consequence of our actions and the potential impact on an insurance company's business, client or brand. Our processes are strongly aligned to fit with your business requirements. For seamless operation we meet and adapt to various investigative practices.

We create order through identifying relevant lines of inquiry, establishing feedback loops and determining final reporting requirements and outcomes. We conduct investigations in a timely manner, with KPIs in relation to response times and reporting intervals for elements such as contacting the insured, providing updates and issuing reports.

Actionable reports

GKA Investigations Group delivers accurate and actionable reports based on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of criminal and insurance law. Our secure Polonius Case Management System allows real time access to the current status of the investigation and enables clients to monitor associated costs.

For more information on our Major Fire Investigation Team download the PDF brochure or contact us directly.