Dextop® Fast Track Evaluation

Dextop is a speedy, preliminary evaluation, allowing claim managers to make informed decisions.

A smart first step, Dextop identifies potentially fraudulent behaviour, recovery opportunities, liability exposure and whether there is a need for further investigation.

A professional process

Developed and extensively tested by GKA Investigations Group, Dextop has been shown to save costs and increase the number of determinations being made.

Dextop evaluates the circumstances surrounding a fire for which a claim has been lodged. It is conducted by a qualified fire investigator who is specifically trained to collate the relevant information, assess it and make a recommendation on any further investigation required.

Conducted for a fixed fee, Dextop saves on investigation costs by ensuring all preliminary facts are checked and that an assessment can be made by the claims manager, which takes into account commercial, contractual, relationship and business factors.

Efficiently collates the facts

Dextop gathers critical information. Interviews are conducted with relevant personnel including assessors, Fire Service and Police personnel, claimants and any material witnesses available. Available photographic records are reviewed and an expert determination is made.

All Dextop reports are filed into our case management system, allowing for seamless escalation into a full forensic investigation should one be required. Initial advice is provided in just 2-3 working days with a summary report available later.

Cost Effective

The fixed cost of each Dextop evaluation is around 15% of the cost of a small on-site investigation. This dramatically reduces costs by ensuring forensic investigations are only conducted when necessary.

Field investigation costs are also saved by the efficiency of this preliminary stage, as it identifies investigation areas and ensures the correct specialist investigator is employed.

Actionable advice

The Dextop evaluation outlines the known facts, considers any recovery, liability and fraud issues, and recommends further onsite investigation when required. Anticipated costs of further investigation can also be outlined. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about the commercial viability of alternate courses of claim management.

For more information on Dextop download the PDF brochure or contact us directly.